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As a full-service grooming salon, your pets well-being and comfort are our First priorities.

We strive to provide services that meet the individual needs and lifestyles of our clients. Our services range from simple baths & nail trims to show clips and luxury spa packages. We're committed to creating life-long relationships with you and your pet and value taking the time to discuss each pet's history and your individual preferences. With a focus on continued education, we pride ourselves in our experienced groomers who provide a professional, positive, and compassionate environment.


With the convenience of having the grooming shop in addition to our boarding services, many of our clients take advantage of the opportunity and have their dogs visit the salon while boarding or in daycare. Grooming can be completed at the end of your pet's stay for an additional charge. Let us do some pampering of your pooch!

Grooming Rates

Prices are based on breed, temperament, and condition of a dog's coat at time of check in. Please Contact us for quotes on bathing or full groomings. Our experienced team just needs to ask a few simple questions to quote you for the services you need.

Spa Packages

You have a dog that deserves to be pampered. Add one of these packages to a basic bath or a full groom for a little something special.

The Deshedder - $10

Say Farewell to shedding with one of our most popular treatments. We use shampoos formulated to loosen undercoat followed by a high-velocity dryer. Combined with undercoat tools, your sofa will be thanking us.


The Skin Soother - $10

Soothing relief for dry or itchy skin, this treatment uses products formulated with natural and organic ingredients to restore moisture to the coat and skin.


The Senior Special- $12

Ease sore muscles and achy joints with this luxury treatment featuring menthol infused shampoo and a relaxing mud bath. We'll rub in a moisturizing paw balm and use massage every step of the way.


The Mellow Pet- $15

This calming spa experience highlights an individual setting for dogs needing a bit of tranquility. Aromatherapy products & music complete this VIP treatment great for anxious pets.


The "I Got Skunked!"- $18

A safe and non-toxic treatment formulated to get the stink out! Our multi-step process is effective for any unpleasant odor you want eliminated.


A la Carte Menu

Toenail Clip                         $10

Toenail Dremel                   $15

Toenail Polish                     $12

Teeth Brushing                    $5

Anal Gland Expression     $8

Ear Cleaning                        $5

Feet or Face Trim                $5

Brushouts                $15/30 min

De-matting                 $5/10 min

Waterless Packages

The Breath Freshener - $24

This includes a good teeth brushing and a foaming mouth rinse. Combined with take home dental treats, your dog will be kissable again!


The Pawdicure- $24

This ultimate foot treatment starts with a smoothing nail dremel. After a relaxing paw balm massage, we'll finish off the experience with a bright polish that's sure to get your dog noticed.


These packages don't require a bath, and are just what you're looking for to spoil your furry friend.

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