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Puppy Boot Camp

Let us start your dog off on the right paw! Specializing in puppies from 4 to 10 months old, our goal is to help you train a companion for your everyday life. Puppies enrolled in Boot Camp attend both daycare and individual training sessions - daycare to learn valuable socialization skills with other dogs and training to learn basic manners.


Play run sit fetch stay…. Be Happy!


Training is a team effort, so we’ll make sure the whole family is understanding how to work successfully with your puppy at home. Utilizing quick, convenient meetings in our office at drop-off or pickup times, we’ll convey what we are working on and what homework you should be doing at home. Our trainers can also help with other typical puppy frustrations such as house training, biting, and jumping. Whether you’re looking for just the basics or advanced training, contact us today to talk about setting your puppy up for success!



Boot Camp Levels

$539 per Phase

Each level of our program consists of your puppy attending Boot Camp twice weekly for five consecutive weeks. All dogs start with Basic Training and then progress through Intermediate and Advance phases if further training is desired. Each level builds on skills learned in previous training sessions.



 Basic Training

Basic Training teaches behaviors to help your puppy gain focus and control. We work on things such as sit, down, come, and calm greetings. Puppies are exposed to variety of people, dogs, and experiences to help them gain a confident outlook on life!


Intermediate Training

 Intermediate Training us all about building on behaviors previously taught by applying them in more distracting and challenging environments. Skills become more proficient and new skills such as loose leash walking and waiting calmly at doors are introduced.


Advanced Training

Our Advanced Training is perfect for adding off leash skills such as recall from a distance and heeling. Skills are strengthened by introducing novel environments and challenging distractions.



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